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Supply Chain Strategy

In today's volatile and increasingly complex business environment, companies need less of a conventional supply chain and more of a dynamic supply network that is able to move quickly and flexibly to the source, convert and deliver products to customers.


The supply chain network must become resilient to be able to capitalize on innovations and overcome digital disruption. Companies with a resilient supply chain are able to respond to challenges of resource scarcity as well as limit negative impacts of the disruptions on revenues, costs, and customers and. These companies eventually gain a competitive advantage in the market.






Why do we need a supply chain strategy?

Supply chains today must be able to adapt to changes over which they have no control – natural disasters, new regulation, and dramatic economic circumstances. 

How do supply chain leaders build and sustain resilient supply chains in a complex global environment, with operations spread across continents, each with different dynamics?


By developing and adopting a robust supply chain strategy, agile and flexible enough to respond to rapid changes in the business landscape. In today’s globalized and digital economy, a well-structured supply chain strategy can not only support business strategy but also drive it to success.

Why Standard Keys?

Standard Keys’ supply chain consulting services provide the experience, capabilities, and insight to help clients develop resilient strategies that drive dynamic operations and lead to long-term profitability and growth. 


We design, develop and implement supply chain strategies and we align the enterprise’s processes and operating models with the business strategy. Additionally, we work with our clients in a broad range of industries to enable growth and respond to rapid changes across the supply chain. We will help you drive competitiveness by reducing complexity, optimizing inventory and leveraging digital technologies to generate competitive advantage. 

Our Services

Supply Chain Vision and Strategy

Establishing the supply chain vision and translating the business strategy into supply chain strategies to achieve high performance and competitiveness.

Supply Chain Value Transformation and Optimization

Designing a transformation journey to identify the critical path to value and unlock value in supply chain processes and service operations.

Inventory Optimization

Assessing the inventory situation and devising a plan to simultaneously increase product availability and service levels while reducing investment in working capital.

Supply Chain Diagnostics

Providing comprehensive, objective, quantitative and actionable data allowing a thorough evaluation of the performance of your existing supply chain.

Supply Chain Network Optimization

Reducing global supply chain network complexities and improving responsiveness to customer needs by optimizing asset locations across the supply chain.

Digital Supply Chain

Leveraging the opportunities of technological disruption and helping you transform linear supply chains into digitally-enabled supply chain networks.

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