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Management Reporting 

Management reports provide insight into understanding the financial and operational sustainability. These reports also highlight the performance of the company within the predefined period.

The assessment provided in management reports is used when making an important decision, looking for a loan or approaching an investor. Our team provides you with a variety of transparent and accurate management reports that meet your business needs.






Why Standard Keys?

We offer customized accounting reporting services to match the need of our clients. We also help you significantly reduce the administrative burden and financial cost of accurate reporting allowing you to focus on core functions for improved performance and company growth.

Management Reports

Key components of our management reports:

  • Profit and loss statements

  • Balance sheets

  • Annual budget and forecasts

  • Cash flow statements

  • Accruals, prepayment and depreciation schedules

  • Inter-company charges and reconciliations (if appropriate)

Financial Statement Analysis

At Standard Keys, our team is specialized in conducting different types of financial analysis. We provide analysis of a single financial statement or comparison over a period. We also perform ratio analysis involving categories like cash flow, liquidity, and profitability. Other analysis involves profit and loss, margin and break even.

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