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People and Organization

A company's employees and organizational capabilities are a major source of competitive advantage. Traditional organizations are being reshaped by the evolution of technology and business. We are now introduced to new organizational, talent and human resource challenges. Business leaders today struggle with global growth, skill mismatches, disruptive technologies and the challenges of ever-changing risks and regulations.


We help you build an agile and focused organization which engages talents and equips them with the needed tools and skills to thrive. We also work closely with you to develop strong change management capabilities and the flexibility to adopt new methods of working in an age of constant digital disruption and high-paced development.  The objective of our engagement is to lay the foundation for a high-performance culture aligned across functions which will drive growth and support the business strategy.

How can Standard Keys help?

We look at people as part of an integrated business strategy as we help you design and implement organizational transformation. Our consultants work closely with you to strengthen the value of your workforce and your people’s roles and careers. Through our meticulous analysis, we will improve the effectiveness of your workforce, develop and move talent around your company and manage your human capital risks. We handle the engagement from end-to-end starting with people strategy all through to organizational execution.



Our Services

Develop people and leadership strategies

We help you set a clear, measurable and executable people strategy to adapt to the digital age and unlock productivity to gain the maximum performance boost.

Attract, engage and retain diverse talent

We help you attract, retain, develop and engage a diverse workforce to support business growth in new and existing markets.

Establish a strong organizational design

We help you design your organization and the setup of your people in a way that fits your purpose and addresses all factors affecting how well you can execute on your strategy.

Transform HR technology

We help you improve effectiveness through aligning HR to business strategy and boosting the efficiency of your HR function and employee experience through HR technology.

Build a mobile workforce

We can help you manage the complex administrative and strategic aspects of deploying an international workforce to create an agile, flexible and connected approach to global mobility.

Create effective reward programs

We can help you build a competitive reward program to motivate, attract, engage and retain key talent who drive business strategy and execution.

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