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Program Management

Business success is measured by an organization's ability to turn great ideas into actions and convert a great strategy into a successful reality. We, in Standard Keys, can help companies drive business transformation by providing industry-leading program management services, methods, and tools.


Our program management practice is grounded in the principle that critical programs require oversight to achieve the right balance between strategic and tactical planning. We work tirelessly to navigate complexity, mitigate risk and create cross-functional alignment. As we do so, we also clearly communicate expectations and ensure that your organization achieves key outcomes and program benchmarks on time, and on budget.


Standard Keys offers end-to-end program management designed to address the risks and complexities of key programs and projects. From project planning and resource allocation to financial management and results tracking.




How can Standard Keys help?

We work on complex program delivery that affects multiple stakeholders, across matrixed environments and geographies. So we can help you navigate large programs, control the moving parts of the projects and reap the long-term value. In the process, we manage workloads, timetables and multiple stakeholders at different levels of the organization. 


We can also help you manage multifaceted portfolio programs, making sure small projects are delivered as part of a much bigger program. And we incorporate the use of tools and technology in the right way to capture and distribute accurate information faster and more widely than ever before.


Once a program is delivered, we will leave you with a legacy of skills and capabilities for future program delivery.

Our Services

Complex Program Delivery

Using the latest technology tools and business best practices, we apply professional program management rigor to enable the successful delivery of complex programs. 

Enterprise Portfolio Management

We align the project and program portfolio to the enterprise strategy to ensure maximum return on portfolio investment and we help you implement processes to prioritize opportunities based on data.

Business Transformation

We apply professional program management techniques to ensure business strategic objectives are achieved during complex transformation excercises.

Program Health Assessment

The health check assessment service ascertains the underlying health of a specific program or portfolio and the critical actions needed to achieve the target benefits.

Program Operation Optimization

We employ the latest tools to help you realize the outcomes of your business transformational programs. The tools you give you insight and visibility allowing program optimization.

Transition Management

We manage change by applying professional program management rigor. We ensure that the benefits from the transition of services are delivered while managing change risk.

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