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Internal Audit

Rapid change has become the only constant in today's business environment. Internal Audit has evolved as a critical lever for change. Management teams and audit committees rely on internal audit to provide assessments of the effectiveness of controls and company processes, while also providing assurance on various risk and business process improvement areas. Companies that have sound internal audit practices acquire the confidence to move faster and act decisively. 

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How can Standard Keys help?

We help you evaluate, remediate and improve control processes and issues through the internal audit.  Additionally, we design and deliver the required internal audit functions from conducting a thorough assessment of risk across the organization to establishing strategic internal audit programs.  We also support in reporting findings to management and other stakeholders and we work with them to implement tailored solutions and put the appropriate controls in place.

Our audit and assurance service covers both the financial statement verification and integrated audit services. Our goal is to improve financial reporting processes and to comply with the international accounting and auditing standards. Standard Keys has a professional audit and accounting team with solid experience in interpreting and applying accounting, auditing, financial reporting standards, and regulatory requirements.

As each organization is unique, very few audits can be performed using identical work plans. Our audit process ensures that the effort is centered around areas with significant risks. Our planning and coordination of the audit assignment go through a standard process divided into five stages:

  1. Orientation

  2. Planning

  3. Systems Review and Testing

  4. Audit of Account Balances

  5. Review of Preliminary Drafts and Report Submission.


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