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Accounting Systems Consulting

Our Accounting Systems Solutions

Accounting systems are more than just software; they include the people, processes, and technology that make your business work. You need meaningful reports to make the right decisions for your company, and you want to ensure your accounting team and your current applications are working efficiently.

Because we are skilled accountants first, we understand the inner workings of your company from an accounting perspective. We apply that expertise to help you maximize the accounting systems you have in place or to help you select and design a new accounting system. This gives you the chance to focus most of your attention on your business.







  • Analysis of existing processes, procedures and accounting methods. 

  • Process and efficiency improvements

  • Analysis of the flow of accounting information from inventory to your employees’ timesheets.

Analysis and evaluation of the full accounting system

Solid structuring of accounting systems is essential in accounts and bookkeeping to keep the accounts and data accurate and centralized. As the business grows, data accumulation increases which compels businesses to maintain separate accounts and that increases complexity.

Chart of Accounts provides an important framework for financial reporting consisting of informational fields to segregate or categorize financial data. Often small businesses are little less influenced with this framework and realize later when there is spike in financial records.

Standard Keys develops accounting systems with integrated Chart of Accounts, Cost Centers and effective internal controls.

System Structuring

Our team works with you from design through the final implementation phase to ensure that the selected software features are a perfect fit for your business. We provide a team of expert accountants and IT professionals having extensive experience in developing robust accounting software programs. Our team can also integrate your existing accounting system software with other popular applications like QuickBooks, Peachtree, tally, SAP, etc.

Standard Keys provides the following accounting system services:

  • Accounting software selection and implementation.

  • Training on the usage of various accounting systems.

  • Software used: QuickBooks, Peachtree, Tally, SAP, etc.

Software Selection and Implementation

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