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Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study can give your project a necessary reality check by analyzing its potential strengths and weaknesses. We work with you to expose the pros and cons of a business or a project and identify its value for your company.


Our feasibility study service further scrutinizes the parameters of the business and analyzes the cost and profit factors of the project and its overall benefit for the organization. With the current conditions as the starting point, we estimate the potentials in your project or business case to make sure that your vision is realistic, fundable and socio-economically sustainable.

Why should you consider feasibility study consultants?

  • Determine the project vision, concept and concrete objectives.

  • Identify alternate means of achieving business requirements.

  • Analyze project costs, financial status, operating budget and time schedule

  • Estimate profitable returns and possible losses.

  • Improve business plans.

  • Rectify business flaws and strategy accordingly to attract investments.









Why Standard Keys?

Our unique feasibility study service set-up means we can utilize competencies from various specialties and enlist the help of our finance, accounting and management experts who have many years of experience in analysis, strategy and concept development.


This allows us to deliver tailored solutions for each of your projects. It has also helped us deliver thorough feasibility studies to large corporations as well as SME clients. Our feasibility study service includes the assessment of the financial, resource, and operational feasibility as well conducting market research, if required.

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