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Corporate Governance

Why is Corporate Governance Required?

Standard Keys offers a full range of corporate governance services. Corporate governance is the system, principles, and processes by which organizations are directed and controlled. The principles underlying corporate governance are based on managing the organization with integrity and fairness, being transparent, making all the necessary disclosures and complying with relevant legislation.


At Standard Keys, we conceptualize and develop an extensive collection of processes, procedures, and practices designed to ensure that your company follows a clear path towards achieving your corporate goals while complying with the statutory requirements. We help you develop a governance framework for regulatory compliance. And we build a monitoring system to help you identify weaknesses, gaps, and violations, investigate root causes, and promote a culture of transparency for continuous improvement.


Corporate Governance Services:

  • Creation of a corporate governance framework for regulatory compliance.

  • Establishment of a monitoring system to identify weaknesses, gaps, and violations and investigate their root causes.

  • Comprehensive analysis of corporate governance systems, development of recommendations and assistance in their implementation.

  • Review of the risk management system and processes, and recommendations on risk-management best practices.

  • Development of corporate governance processes, business conduct manuals, and other internal corporate documents.

  • Guidance in ensuring the smooth transfer of authorities to hired management.

  • Improvement of corporate governance processes at subsidiaries.

  • Review of the board of directors and board committees work.

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