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Digital Procurement 

Procurement and supply-chain are on the edge of disruption thanks to technologies such as blockchain, IoT and artificial intelligence.


The digital transformation of procurement is bringing about much greater efficiency in business processes and operations and revolutionizing supply-chain as we know it.

Our experts in Standard Keys help procurement organizations get ahead of these game-changing technologies by carefully assessing the opportunities for digital transformation and building a clear roadmap for a smooth transition to the future.







Why Digital Procurement?

Digital procurement automates redundant tasks to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. It helps business stakeholders become equipped with real-time data insights and analytics allowing for better visibility into the operations and improved decision making. 

It also transforms buyer interactions with suppliers and third parties allowing for enhanced collaboration through digital platforms. The digital applications used help organizations both identify and create value as well as prevent value leakage across the supply chain. 

Our Expertise

Digital transformation is an end-to-end business challenge. Our experts take a holistic approach to it by helping you assess the key pillars of a digital transformation: strategy and vision, people and culture, process and governance, and technology and capabilities. Upon assessment, we help you set your organization's strategy for a smoother digital transformation journey.

Digital Transformation Assessment and Strategy

Selecting an e-procurement system is a strategic step for any organization. Our expert consultants have helped multiple clients, from various industry sectors, select and review their e-procurement systems. They guide the process of setting vendor-neutral e-procurement system specifications, selecting the best fit, and reviewing and optimizing systems according to best practices.

Procurement Technology Selection and Implementation

The long-term success of the digital transformation program largely depends on the skills and training involved in the program. Our expert consultants can provide technical training, mentorship, and support required for all employees to actively contribute to the transformation journey. 

Digital Procurement Upskilling

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